Puppet & Theatre Work

Sophie has a strong background and training in theatre and puppet theatre. She has performed and directed shows with PuppetCraft, Angel Heart Theatre & Gloucester Theatre Company…


Sept – October 2018  Puppet Directing Work – puppet rehearsal working on choreography, technique and character exploration for The Mystery Dramas – with Mask Maker and Theatre Director Mike Chase.


PuppetCraft: 2005 – 2016

PuppetCraft is a professional puppet theatre company, based in Devon, founded and directed by John Roberts. Imaginative and high quality puppet theatre including live music, beautiful staging and storytelling. Sophie performed and toured in her first PuppetCraft production in 2005, Perseus & The Gorgan’s Head.

May & June 2016: Sophie led and directed the music rehearsals for The Tin Forest’ (2016-2017 tour).

Nov 2005 – July 2010: Sophie performed and toured the UK with the following PuppetCraft productions:

Perseus And The Gorgon’s Head. (2005-06 & 2009-10 tours)  Roles: Athene, singer & puppeteer and voice for multiple puppet characters.

Perseus & The Gorgon’s Head promo video –

_dsc0150  Perseus production - Danae on the gentle sea    

Photo’s from ‘Perseus and the Gorgon’s Head’ by PuppetCraft. Photos by Graham Hodgson.

The Tin Forest. (2008-09)  Roles: Puppeteer, singer & flautist. During the The Tin Forest tour Sophie also ran pre-performance music workshops with audience members, which became integrated into the show in every performance.

The Tin Forest promo video –

Photo – poster imagine for ‘The Tin Forest’ – photo by PuppetCraft.

Angel Heart Theatre: 2007 – 2016

Angel Heart Theatre specialises in combining theatre, puppetry, story-telling, live music and pre-recorded soundtracks within it’s productions. Angel Heart Theatre is a professional touring theatre company based in Devon, founded and directed by James Richardson.

Sophie performed in the very first production toured by Angel Heart Theatre, The Nightingale, in 2007, and continued to work as a performer & puppeteer, MD, and co-director on five of their shows. Sophie continued to work as an ‘outside eye’ during rehearsals for Angel Heart Theatre shows until Autumn 2016.

September 2016: Malina’s Dream. (for 2016-2017 tour)  Role: Co-directer.

Malina’s Dream promo video –

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCm97taSIWE 

September 2015: Freya – A Viking Saga.  Role: Co-directer. A collaboration between Angel Heart Theatre and Rattle Box Theatre Companies.

Freya promo video –

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjhkYl91Y8k

May 2011: Jack And The Devil’s Purse.  Role: Co-director. A theatre & puppet show for adults and teens by Angel Heart Theatre – in association with The Barbican Theatre, Plymouth, Devon.


Photo’s from ‘Jack and The Devils Purse’ – rehearsals

Nov 2007 – June 2010: Sophie performed and toured in two shows with Angel Heart Theatre. This work also included co-leading shadow puppet workshops in schools. These Angel Heart Theatre productions include:

Oshima And The Big Sea. (2008-10 tour)  Roles: Composer, co-director, singer, storyteller & puppeteer and voice for multiple puppet characters.


The Nightingale. (2007-08 & 2010) Roles: MD/composer, singer, storyteller, flautist & puppeteer and voice for multiple puppet characters.

N-sophie & nightingale  SONY DSC  sophie_and_the_emperor    

Photo’s from ‘The Nightingale’. Photo’s by Angel Heart Theatre.

The Gloucester Theatre Company: 2011

August 2011: Treasure Island.  Sophie played the part of Nightingale Nell in The Gloucester Theatre Company production of Treasure Island performed at Gloucester Quays. Roles: Actress, singer & flautist.

Treasure Island - review

Photo from Treasure Island’ performing the part of ‘Nightingale Nell’

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