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I have enjoyed singing as far back as I can remember; in my childhood, around the campfire, with friends, with my children and in theatre productions and singing performances over the years.

During my BA (Hons) Theatre Degree, I began playfully composing music & vocal ensemble compositions for my theatre work, and started to weave my love of singing in close harmony into my theatre performances. During my time at college I also studied Indian Bansuri Flute (bamboo flute), in London & North India, which was my first introduction to the beautiful & complex tradition of the North Indian Raga system. Along with my voice, my bamboo flute later became another companion for me during theatre productions where live music was inter-woven within the performance.

Following university, while taking a few years out to be full-time mum, I joined and sang with Global Harmony, a large community choir in Totnes, led by Roz Walker. During this time I began writing again and teaching my own vocal compositions and then experienced the buzz of shaping a song into life with a large choir… this inspired me on my journey towards becoming a choir leader myself.

I now run two community choirs in Gloucestershire, two mother and baby singing groups (singing lullabies from around the world) and other workshops throughout the year. I continue to compose songs for a cappella and community choirs and am currently working on a song book & teaching CD for community choirs. This will be available through this website once completed!

Please see the Community Choirs page for more info about my weekly choirs.

My more recent singing performance work includes performing and touring with Helen Chadwick Song Theatre in 2016 performing ‘Songs For The Way Home’, one of Helen’s current touring performances. Please see my Singing Performance page for more info about past performances.



Like singing, my love and enjoyment of theatre and performing started at a very young age and this continued throughout my youth. I went on to study theatre at degree level and in 2001 completed my BA (hons) Theatre Degree at Dartington College of Arts.

While studying at Dartington College, I had my first introduction to puppetry – making & performing – taught by John Roberts, founder & director of PuppetCraft.

Between 2005 – 2011, I toured and performed with two Devon based professional puppet theatre companies, PuppetCraft, directed by John Roberts, and Angel Heart Theatre, directed by James Richardson. With both companies we performed between 60 & 100 shows per production in theatres, arts centres, village halls and schools in the South West, in London and across the UK. In these productions I performed as puppeteer, singer, musician (bamboo flute & guitar), actress & storyteller. I composed music and songs for 2 Angel Heart Theatre productions and co-directed 4 of their shows.

Since moving from Devon to Stroud in 2011, I have put more focus into singing and choir leading but have continued to return to Devon to co-direct shows for Angel Heart Theatre.

Please see my Puppet / Theatre Work page for more info about past theatre & puppetry productions.

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