I am a singer, singing leader, choir leader, composer & performing artist based in Stroud. I lead two community choirs in Gloucestershire and other weekly singing groups and workshops in the Stroud area. I compose a cappella & choral music and have a background and training in theatre & puppet theatre performance.



After 18 months of running my choir sessions online via Zoom – which were amazing in many ways and much needed during the lockdowns – we are so happy to have now resumed our in-person choir sessions again. If you would like to join one of my community choirs please visit the Community Choirs page for more information.


Old Man Of The Moor – Text Alice Oswald / Music Sophie Sterckx
Corinium & Painswick Community Choirs singing at Bristol Choir Convention in March 2019:

Old Man Of The Moor is one of the 12 compositions included in my recently completed community choir songbook, A World Awake In Song, available to purchase from My Store page.

This is a short video collage for my A World Awake In Song community choir songbook which I completed in early 2021. The songbook is a collection of 12 of my compositions, scored & recorded for singing groups and community choirs. The songbook is available to purchase from My Store page.

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