Corinium Community Choir

WEDNESDAY 7.30pm – 9pm

The Friends Meeting House, 53 Thomas Street, Cirencester. GL7 2BA.

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Corinium Community Choir sing a variety of styles including contemporary, folk, gospel, spirituals, traditional and seasonal songs from around the world and the UK. We sing in 3 – 4 part harmony and a rich and wonderful chorus of sound fills the Friends Meeting House space each week. No auditions or music reading skills are needed to join the choir as songs are taught by ear. Words and sheet music are provided at times. Regular attendance is encouraged (especially leading up to a performance) in order for you to keep up with the repertoire of songs, build confidence and for you to get the most out the whole experience.

We organise at least two community based concerts per year with the occasional Big Sing further afield, such as Sing For Water West and other Big Sing Choir Conventions. Performing is not compulsory but for many it provides a welcome focus and outlet for all the hard work.

Back story: The Choir grew out of a singing course called ‘Wish I Could Sing’, which I led at the New Brewery Arts Centre in early half of 2011. The Choir was formed in September 2011 and many of the same singers from the course still sing in the Choir.

We were previously called Brewery Arts Community Choir. We moved to the Parish Centre in Spring 2015 and following this we decided to take a new name, Corinium Community Choir. We now meeting in the Friends Meeting House on Thomas Street in Cirencester, since January 2020.

Sophie is a member of the NVN – Natural Voice Network – and believes in the principle that singing is for everyone – if you have a voice, you can sing. A ‘natural voice’ is the one you were born with – unique and ready to be sung.

“I believe that singing with others is good for the heart, body and soul and can leave you feeling uplifted and energised. Being part of a community choir is a hugely rewarding and fun social experience.”

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